Dual Community / Pressure Relieving Alternating Air Mattress Replacement System

  • Product Name: Dual Community
  • Date: March 2014
  • Warranty: In order to provide our customers with the reassurance that we supply a quality product at very competitive pricing we offer a 2 year unlimited parts and labour warranty on the mattress, pumps and cushions.

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Pressure relieving mattress replacement system for very high risk patients with upto category IV pressure ulcers.

The Shelden Healthcare ‘Dual Community’ is a full 8” mattress replacement system with Dual modes and a microprocessor driven digital power unit. It is suitable for the prevention of pressure ulcers in the very high risk patients and treatment for up to category IV pressure ulcers. This cost effective system is made with durable materials and has proven to be a reliable, effective and easy to use system for homecare, nursing home, and community loan store usage.

Dual Power Unit

• Dual mode: Offers both a ten minute alternating and low pressure static modes.

• Internal pressure monitoring ensures maximum pressure relief and therapy.

• Visual/audible alarm: Indicates when either low pressure or power failure occurs.

• Energy Efficiency: Uses less than half of the power of a 25 watt light bulb.

Dual Mattress Replacement

• Nineteen 8” air cells: Maximum pressure relief and therapy.

• Micro ventilated air cells: Provides great air circulation and optimal patient temperature regulation from shoulder to waist.

• High weight capacity: For patient up to 180kg.

• Modular air cell construction: Easy maintenanceand cleaning.

• Pillow function: 3 static air cells over the head zone for patient comfort.

• Fast deflation CPR facility: Deflates the entire mattress with seconds in case of emergency.

• Two way stretch, beathable and vapour permeable cover.

Technical Data

Individual Model Number
Power Control Unit: SR363
Mattress: SR208
Coverlet: SR611

Electrical Input
AC100 – 120V/50 & 60Hz or AC220 – 240V/50Hz

Agency Approval
EN60601-1/EN60601-1-2/ EN61000-3-2/EN61000-3-3/ UL2601-1

Power Control Unit:
29.5 x 22.5 x 12cm
Mattress Set:
Standard (inflated): 200 x 90 x 23cm
Narrow (inflated): 200 x 82 x 23cm

Power Unit: approx. 2.5kg
Mattress Set: 10kg

Power Consumption
Max. 20W

Power Unit:ABS fire resistant UL Mattress Cell: 100% nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: 100% nylon with PU backing

Operating, Transportation & Storage Temperature/ Humidity
5oC - 45oC / 15% - 60%

Maximum Weight Capacity

The power unit is not AP/APG protected.

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