Dual Low Air Loss / True Low Air Loss Therapy Mattress Replacement System

  • Product Name: Dual Low Air Loss
  • Date: March 2014
  • Warranty: In order to provide our customers with the reassurance that we supply a quality product at very competitive pricing we offer a 2 year unlimited parts and labour warranty on the mattress, pumps and cushions.

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The Shelden Healthcare Dual Low Air Loss is a true air loss therapy mattress replacement system designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum body tissue redistribution for treating and preventing pressure ulcers from catagory I to IV.

It is the ideal therapy system which uses a state of the art technology with numerous features not found on competing products. The Dual low air loss system can easily shift from standard to bariatric mode to support patients up to 450kg while staying at a low noise level for superior sleeping quality.

Dual Low Air Loss Power Unit

• Quick inflation ability: High performance blower inflates the whole mattress in seconds

• Microprocessor Driven Control panel: Microprocessor driven panel for accurate and consistant pressure
setting to minimize possible human error

• Two Stage Blower: Switches easily from standard to bariatric mode

• Maximum Inflation Mode: Inflates the mattress rapidly to maximum internal pressure for patient
transfering or nursing mode

• Upright Mode: Provides additional support while patient is in articulate position to prevent ‘bottoming out’

• CPR Function: Deflates the whole mattress within seconds after a simple touch on the button in case
of emergency

• Panel Lock Button: Locks out control panel to avoid possible tampering of setting

• Sound Damping Foam: Inserted to absorb sounds for superior sleeping environment

• Additional Long Power Cord: Prevents possible walking obstruction.

Dual Mattress Replacement

• True Low Air Loss: Pressure redistribution and skin moisture transference

• Twenty 8” Tall Air Cells: Maximum pressure relief and therapy

• Integrated 2” Convoluted Foam Base: Extra protection in case of power outage

• High Weight Capacity: For patient up to 450kg

• Long Life Time: Use of nylon with polyurethane material

• Directional Snaps: Better edge stability

• Dartex® Coverlet: High quality waterproof, vapor permeable quilted, high level fire retardant
material, antibacterial and fungi coating coverlet.

Dartex® is a registered trade mark of Dartex Coating Ltd -Biocompatibility – ISO10993-10:1995
-Flammability Standard – BS 7175:1989(1994), CAL 117 Section E

Technical Data

Individual Model Number
Power Unit: SR371
Mattress: SR208
Coverlet: SR611

Electrical Input
AC100 – 120V/50 & 60Hz or AC220 – 240V/50Hz

Agency Approval
EN60601-1/EN60601-1-2/ EN61000-3-2/EN61000-3-3/ UL2601-1

Power Unit: 36 x 30 x 17cm

Mattress Set (MSR208):
Standard 36”: 200 x 90 x 20cm
Bariatric 39”: 200 x 99 x 20cm
Bariatric 42”: 200 x 107 x 20cm
Bariatric 48”: 200 x 122 x 20cm
Bariatric 54”: 200 x 137 x 20cm
Bariatric 60”: 200 x 153 x 20cm

Power Unit: approx. 4.6kg
Mattress Set: 12-16kg

Power Consumption
Max. 350W

Power Unit: ABS fire resistant UL Mattress Cell: 100% nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: 100% nylon with PU backing

Operating, Transportation & Storage Temperature/ Humidity
5oC - 45oC / 15% - 60%

Maximum Weight Capacity

The power unit is not AP/APG protected.

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