Dual Paediatric / Pressure Managing Alternating Air Overlay System for Babies

  • Product Name: Dual Paediatric
  • Date: March 2014
  • Warranty: In order to provide our customers with the reassurance that we supply a quality product at very competitive pricing we offer a 2 year unlimited parts and labour warranty on the mattress, pumps and cushions.

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Optimal pressure managing alternating air overlay system to care for your baby.

Shelden Healthcare’s Dual Paediatric is designed specifically to cater for children who are at risk of having pressure ulcers or are already enduring distress and discomfort from pressure ulcers. Three mattress sizes of the Dual Paediatric are available which has all the required features to provide the best therapy you your loved ones.

Dual Paediatric Power Unit

• Internal Pressure Sensing: An integrated pressure sensor to monitor mattress’ internal pressure 24 hours to
achieve optimal internal pressure and ensure maximum pressure relief

• Low Pressure alert: Both Audible and visible alarms to notify medical staff when pressure sensor detects an
abnormal drop of the systems internal pressure

• Comfort Knob: Adjusts internal air pressure setting to suit individual patients weight conveniently.

Dual Mattress Replacement

• 3 Different Sizes: Suitable for incubator, baby cot and baby crib

• High Quality Air Cell: Better pressure relief surface for optimal therapy

• Quilted Coverlet: Washable and fully waterproof while providing excellent vapor permeability.

Technical Data

Individual Model Number
Power Unit: SR368
Mattress: MSR213
Small: SR215
Medium: SR216
Large: SR217
Coverlet: SR604

Electrical Input
AC100 – 120V/50 & 60Hz or AC220 – 240V/50Hz

Agency Approval
EN60601-1/EN60601-1-2/ EN61000-3-2/EN61000-3-3/ UL2601-1

Power Unit: 26 x 22 x 8cm
Mattress Set (inflated):
Small (MSR215): SR215 65 x 36 x 0.5cm
Medium (MSR216): SR216 75 x 49 x 4cm
Large (MSR216): SR217 140 x 70 x 6cm

Power Unit: approx. 2.5kg

Mattress Set:
Small: approx. 0.5kg
Medium: approx. 1.5kg
Large: approx. 3.5kg

Power Consumption
Max. 10W

Power Unit: ABS fire resistant UL Mattress Set: 100% nylon with TPU lamination
Coverlet: Polyester with PU lamination

Operating, Transportation & Storage Temperature/ Humidity
5oC - 45oC / 15% - 60%

Maximum Weight Capacity
Small: 3.5kg
Medium: 20kg
Large: 40kg

The power unit is not AP/APG protected.

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