Service & Repair

Pressure Relieving Mattress Decontamination & Servicing

Shelden Healthcare Ltd offer a complete in-house alternating mattress system collection, clean/decontamination and planned maintenance service for hospitals and nursing homes/groups.

ISO 9001 audited processes ensure we can maintain our high standards of customer service, and can fully commit to deliver a full and effective decontamination process.

During 2012 we undertook a major refit of our decontamination suite to increase capacity, improve the speed/efficiency and quality of cleaning and decontamination of pressure relieving mattress systems.

Download Our Decontamination and Servicing Brohure We Are Commited To:

• Reducing the risk of cross infection by the reduction of micro-organisms between client use
• Maintaining the safety and integrity of pressure relieving products

Our upgraded decontamination facilities at our Warwickshire site have vastly reduced the total turnaround time for the decontamination/function check process and we have been able to reduce the wash cycle time from 1.5 hours to 45 minutes with the introduction of the new OTEX wash system and reduce the drying time for 2 days to 4/5 hours with the introduction of our bespoke drying rack and drying room system.

This guarantees our customers a quicker turnaround time but still to the same high standards set by the Department of Health Guidelines. We are approved contractors to the NHS and our premises have been regularly audited by our customers with Shelden Healthcare receiving a total satisfaction with zero non- compliance recorded. Additionally our Auditing Partners, Perfectus Medical Ltd, provide us with a complete audit service for Mattresses, Active Systems, Beds and Cushions for the purpose of sampling the micro-biological bioburden of the equipment that has undergone decontamination and drying processes.

Perfectus Medical Ltd has also been commissioned to undertake an environmental audit of the decontamination facility and all procedures undertaken by staff.

In January 2013 Shelden Healthcare signed a five year agreement with JLA Ltd. This agreement was to provide Commercial washing machines and the installation of the OTEX system, a validated ozone disinfection system. This new equipment will provide us and our customers with a validated alternative to Thermal disinfection.

Floor plan Layout of our Infection Control and Decontamination Facility

We have made a significant investment in our infection control and decontamination centre. All areas are segregated throughout the process to prevent cross contamination with separated dirty and clean entrances and areas.

Service & Repair Process


Shelden Healthcare’s own liveried vehicles will collect and return all mattresses to our customers. Our vehicles have been modified to have two totally separate sections, one at the front of the van for clean assets and a sealed section at the rear of the van for soiled/dirty assets to ensure there is no cross contamination during the transportation process, the vans are lined with washable, antibacterial products to further prevent any possible spread of infection.

Dirty Holding Area

On arrival all at our depot all mattresses will be placed in a cage and must enter the dirty holding area via the rear door.


All our customers mattress systems’ are currently cleaned and decontaminated by thermal disinfection of the covers and manual cleaning and decontamination of mattress internals in line with our operating procedures, the HSG (95) 18 guidelines and BHTA guidelines.


Our commercial washing machines provide decontamination of mattress covers. Covers are laundered on a thermal disinfection cycle at 75o as per the HSG (95) 18 requirement. Our washing machines have the correct and specified programming ability to meet the HSG (95) 18 standard and are under a regular servicing and breakdown contract with JLA ltd in order to maintain optimum operating conditions.

Drying Room

Mattress covers are tumble dried in line with manufacturers guidelines. Mattress internals are dried on our bespoke drying rack prior to the reassembly process.


All pressure relieving systems will be serviced following manufacturer’s procedures and only using genuine new parts. The type of procedures are:

1. Service

2. Function check after mattress decontamination

3. Repair of faults All systems will have flows and pressures checked. All systems will be PAT tested after any servicing or repairs. All information will be recorded on the Shelden asset management system.

Clean Storage

After servicing all mattress systems are placed on stainless steel racking in the clean storage room to await return to customer.