Education and Training at Shelden Healthcare

Clinical based training can be delivered by Shelden Healthcare. A tailored bespoke education package of individual sessions, study days and conferences are available to be delivered as required for each organisation. In addition to this web based information and printed materials are available to be downloaded from our website as required.

Education Package

Shelden Healthcare’s education package is provided in a modular format with topics to include:

• Equipment selection
• Aetiology, prevention and management of pressure ulcers
• Classification and categorisation of pressure ulcers
• Risk assessment
• Moisture lesions
• Nutrition
• Wound management
• Wound Infection
• Skin tears
• Accountability and Documentation

User training can be provided to include:

• Features and benefits of mattress systems
• Set up and use of mattress systems
• Troubleshooting and fault finding
• Appropriate use of equipment –
stepping up/downgrading
• Appropriate care and cleaning of equipment

Technical Support & Training

Technical support and training is available on:

• Cleaning and decontamination of equipment within the clinical area
• Off-site Full cleaning and decontamination instructions
• Infection control
• Planned maintenance, testing and servicing of pressure relieving systems
• Fault finding and trouble shooting

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